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[person name=”Yousuf Yakoub” position=”Chief Executive Officer” phone=”+49 89 36812646″ cell_phone=”+49 172 8393948″ email=”yousuf.yakoub@bavaria-buscenter.de” img=”1505″ hoverimg=”969″]Chief Executive Officer Yousuf Yakoub excels with superb international experiences and connections in world-wide bus and vehicle trading. His customers benefit of his outstanding network and connections in the industry of comercial buses.[/person]
[person name=”Martina Halfar” position=”Office Manager” phone=”+49 89 36812646″ email=”info@bavaria-buscenter.de” img=”1749″ hoverimg=”973″]Frau Halfar is entrusted Office Manager and takes care of customer satisfaction by passion.[/person]
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